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University of the Basque Country
Sarriena z/g 48940 Leioa (Bizkaia)
The Basque Country

Biarritz Airport

38 Rue de Houndaro
France 64600
+33 5 59 43 83 83
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Biarritz Airport 3.5 Rating

The Biarritz airport is a small airport indeed, but if you do your research before you travel, you should have no issues. You are in France, so people-- kristina karreno

The taxi system is very inefficient. There’s no taxi waiting outside at all.We had to wait hours to get taxi after a long flight . This is a disgrac-- Sebahattin Kanat

Staff at the help desk were extremely rude and walked away without even acknowledging me. La pause café sûrement. However, the security personal are-- Clarisse D

Small airport not much to do when flight delayed-- Ciaran Brennan04

Great help and very kind with out bikes to get packed for our flights. Airport sells transport boxes for 12€/piece and they lend you tools to prepar-- Søren PEDERSEN