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The registration for the European Bat Research Symposium is closed.

Cancellation policy. Refund of registration payments.
  • Cancellations done before 30th of June can ask for a refunding of all payments, although a charge of 25 € will be applied as management costs incurred until then. 
  • Cancellations done between 1st and 20th of July can ask for a refunding of 50% of all payments.
  • Cancellations done later than 20th of July are not liable to any reimbursement.
Refundings of registrations paid by bank transfer are subject to bank operation fees (variable according to local bank regulations) which will be charged to the solicitor of the refunding.

The registration to the EBRS2017 is managed by the Summer Courses Foundation of the University of the Basque Country (UIK). Before entering the registration platform read carefully the following guidelines:

  1. UIK platform: by clicking the REGISTER NOW button below UIK's registration platform will open in a new tab of your Internet browser. Once there, you will have to carry out a two-step process. If it is the first time you are registering to a UIK's activity (most probable option), you will have to create your user account filling the form on the right. If you have already created your user account, you will be able to access to the Symposium Registration Form by filling the form on the left.
  2. Molecular Ecology Course: the registration to the Molecular Ecology Course has to be done using the Course Registration Form. In order to take advantage of the course attendees' reduced fee (180€ instead of 250€), you will first have to register to the Symposium and provide the registration code when registering to the Molecular Ecology Course. Note that the payment and billing are processed separately.
  3. Symposium Registration Form: in the first page you have to indicate personal details (some of the fields of the first three boxes are compulsory); in this page please fill the Affiliation Number box with a spacebar click. In the next pages, you will be able to choose multiple options (e.g. registration type, banquet, t-shirts, accommodation) as well as to proceed with the payment.
  4. Registration type: if you are a student (undergraduate, master or PhD student) you will have to upload a document that proofs so. Invited speakers and vendors will also have to upload the proof document sent by the conference organisators. Remember that earlybird registration is open until April 30th. From May 1st to May 31st, the registration will be 120€ more expensive.
  5. Lunch: you will have the option to buy tickets to have lunch at the conference building (IM Barriola). If you decide to buy lunch tickets (something the organisers recommend, as it will be the cheapest option to have lunch near the conference venue), you will have to choose the time you would like to have lunch, either 12:45 or 13:30. In each round, there will be a self-service lunch for 150 people. The price of the lunch is 6.25€.
  6. Breakfast: The Ondarrera Youth Hostel and the Agud Querol Residence do not serve breakfast (Olarain does), so conference attendees will have the option to have breakfast at the Barriola Centre from 7:45 onwards. The price of the buffet breakfast is 6.5€.
  7. Banquet: you will have to choose if you want to attend the EBRS 2017 Banquet that will take place at the Tenis Ondarreta Restaurant in August 4th. The organisers encourage conference attendees to register for the banquet, as we will enjoy delicious meals and a very cozy atmosphere just in front of the Ondarreta beach. It is possible to buy more than one ticket for the banquet. The dinner, which includes, three dishes, dessert and drinks, costs 40€.
  8. Companion: you can register a companion, who cannot present or co-author any communication and won´t get any certification of attendance, but will be able to attend the welcome party, coffe breaks, the journey and the rest of the activities organised during the conference (talks included). Moreover, the companion will take benefit of our discounts for accommodation, lunch. A companion registration costs 110€; remember this option does not include banquet costs.
  9. T-shirt: you can buy official symposium t-shirts in advance at a reduced cost. If you are thinking on buying a symposium t-shirt, we encourage you to do so during the registration period, as the offer of sizes will be lower during the symposium. Each t-shirt costs 10€ if paid in advance, and you can request more than one.
  10. Accommodation: when finishing your registration, the University of the Basque Country's Summer Courses site will send you an email containing the promotion code to book rooms with a special discount directly in the Olarain and Manuel Agud Querol Residence Hall booking systems. Use the address provided in that email message if you are interested in the Ondarreta Youth Hostel, indicating you are attending EBRS 2017. Reduced prices are offered from July 31st to August 6th. Note that promotional coupons will be valid until May 31st, so make sure you book your accommodation before then.
  11. Invoice: once filled the first part of the form, you will be offered the option to add billing information as well as to print a proforma invoice. If you want just separate invoices for the registration fee by one side and the rest of additional features (breakfast, lunch, banquet, etc) by the other, then there is the option to generate an invoice for the fee itself and pay it in a first instance (leaving the additional options blank) and subsequently to select and pay the additionals (generating a second invoice only for the latter).
  12. Payment: there are two payment options: credit card or bank transfer. Credit card payment is processed through BBVA's secure payment gateway. Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro cards are accepted. It is also possible to pay using the IUPAY digital wallet. If you choose the bank transfer option, you will be shown the IBAN number for the transaction, and you will have to upload a proof document to the system.
  13. Order number: once accomplished all the steps you will be officially registered at the European Bat Research Symposium. In the last page you will find your registration order number (#00000), and the hotel booking promotional code. You will also receive a confirmation email with the resume of your order. You will need to provide your registration order number when uploading an abstract.
  14. Further steps: keep in mind that once registered, you will be able to book rooms and beds at a reduced cost at the Olarain University Residence Hall and at the Manuel Agud Querol Residence Hall. To book at the Ondarreta Youth Hostel you have to send your request through the email address provided once you have registered. Besides, when you have finished the registration, you can also upload an abstract.